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Database Solutions


We are experts in database design, and deliver robust and precise solutions based upon very thorough specifications.

We have been designing and building databases for many years and believe that with clean, concise and structured data, you can achieve just about anything. Everything we design is future proof with your business in mind.

There are so many out of the box solutions available now-a-days, and you can bend your operational processes to fit these with all the hidden costs and potential pitfalls that this approach can involve, or you can come to us for a solid solution made to measure.

Our clients range from SMEs to large corporates and all receive the highest quality database design. 

We provide analysis, design, development, implementation and support of both MS SQL and Access databases design.

Our knowledge and in-depth understanding has seen us develop items such as online bibliographies, prescription systems, Intelligent interfaces for IVR systems, and quality control reporting systems for the automotive industry.

 GUI (User Interface Design)

Webigi produce dynamic, contemporary, user-centric designs. We are committed to creating beautiful layouts, on-brand, with intuitive user interface designs

Webigi are skilled GUI (Graphical User Interface) designers and have extensive knowledge of user interaction and methodology. 

Using this knowledge, we are able to deliver exacting interface designs for web, apps or desktop software.

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