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Web Applications


There are Web Applications and Web Apps...

But, what is the difference between an web Application and a mobile App? Read on and we'll explain.

It's quite simple really... Web Applications are basically browser based solutions that can run many areas of your business online (or 'in the cloud' as those using the latest buzz words would put it). They can do just about anything you want to improve your business processes and functions. In fact, they are only really limited by your, and your web developer's imaginations!

The beauty of a web application is that it can be run on any device and any operating system - unlike software of old which was written for specific devices.
The same can be said for 'Apps', and so that is where a Web App comes into play. These, just like their big brother, can run on any mobile device and usually have a live link to their website counterpart's data and functions, but offer precise and targeted usage to the benefit of the end user.

Looking and functioning just like a device specific app, they update for everyone as the online app is updated and changes to mobile operating systems do not affect them at all.
Webigi are experienced in the design and build of both these methods and will happily explain how mobile solutions can be used to enhance the online resource available from your website.