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Web Design

and development


We design websites. We build websites.

At Webigi web design Cambridge, we evolve with the technology on the market. Our responsive websites run from a bespoke content management system and are capable of adapting to any device.

Based in Cambridgeshire with over 18 years experience within web design and development, we know a thing or two about building websites! We also know how to get the very best from you and will listen, understand, and advise you from our very first meeting, until delivery of your website and beyond.

A strong understanding of our client's business is fundamental to delivering an exacting digital marketing product.

We produce - along with you - a comprehensive, multi-platform website specification outlining the functionality required and will ask probing questions so that we know we haven't missed anything you might want - or haven't considered.

Once the website specification has been agreed, we crack on with web design, and the real work of production begins.

Content management

Webigi have a Bespoke Content Management System built by our developers over many years.

Please feel free to ask us for a demonstration and we'll happily show you the endless possibilities for website menu management, page building, page layout, images, videos, blogs, e-commerce product management and so much more.

Support & Training

Webigi continue to support our clients after the launch of their new website applications.

We will supply the training needed to make a smooth transition between our web development and your management of the website, and be on hand from then on to guide and advise on best practice and getting the most from your content management system.

Service and Maintenance

Webigi offer service and maintenance contracts along with service level agreements that give clients complete confidence knowing their systems are looked after.

Unlike many service contracts, we give our clients web development time and FREE maintenance, offering a tangible return for their commitment to Webigi.

Responsive Web Design

Its here now! And the reason is quite simply, a responsive website will react to, and display properly on any given device and screen size!

Basically put, if the screen is too small to display the website full width, everything will stack up one on top of the other, pictures will re-size themselves, and you'll notice the website menu will change its position and look and feel to become a mobile menu!

See it in action!

If you want a demonstration of responsive web design, look at this website on your PC, then your tablet, and then your phone. Rotate your mobile device and the site will react and change accordingly, always offering the very best display.

Or, if you don't have all those devices to hand, just grab the edge of your browser and re-size it manually whilst watching what happens to this website!

No Company needs a website and a mobile website, we can incorporate both and make the functions work on any device. If you call, we'll design a website that combine everything into one! And what is more, its all driven by the Webigi Content Management System!